What is ASAP?

Alliance for Sustainability and Prosperity is dedicated to creating a pragmatic approach to bring genuine prosperity and well being to everyone on the planet.

We believe that it is possible to transform the global economy into one that delivers greater human wellbeing and happiness, while nestling gracefully into the larger ecosystem that sustains all life.

Why should this matter to me?

Doing this is key to ending the global economic crisis: we can’t achieve one without doing the other. We have all of the technologies we need to solve all of the crises facing us. Why aren’t we doing it? How do we overcome the gridlock of governments, inspire the best of the private sector to take more of a leadership role? How do we shift governments, companies and an economics profession obsessed with measuring and growing Gross National Product to shift to maximizing total well being?

Whatever it is you believe in or don’t…

So maybe you believe that we can continue “business as usual”… or on the contrary you think the current system is not sustainable. Perhaps you believe in climate change … or it’s just the natural cycle taking place. You might think richer is better … or you might say 1% of the world’s population owning 40% of combined wealth will only foster greater unrest.

Whatever it is you think, the issues are the same…and surprisingly so are the solutions! Take your pick from the two videos below and listen for yourself:

Do You Believe:

– Business as Usual is fine as it is?
– Climate Change is a Myth
– Richer is Better

Then watch the following video on the future best opportunities:

Do You Believe:

– We can’t continue Business as Normal
– Climate Change is a Real Issue
– Inequality between Rich and Poor fuels greater unrest

Then watch the following video on the biggest threats facing today’s world and the society we live in:

Ok so now what? What can I do?

This is YOUR site.

The world needs help and its leaders are asking for YOUR answers. Explore ASAP and see how you can contribute:

If you have a really good idea, but no clue how to achieve it, go ahead and submit it – most likely someone else has the answer you’re seeking. All of us are smarter than any of us. Welcome to crafting a future that can work for all humanity.

We need this… ASAP