A World That Works for All

The Solutions Journal June 2012 The global economy rests on a knife’s edge. The financial crash of 2008 caused 50 trillion dollars and 80 million jobs to evaporate.1 And the wreck is not over. This article describes the major challenges facing the economy and proposes solutions. The Challenges The International Labor Organization sets forth the following […]

Rethinking Society from the Ground Up

Toward A True-Cost Economic Model: Cheater Economics, Fair Play, & Long-Term Survival Over the next century communities worldwide will experience an unprecedented shift of weather instability. Extreme weather events are ecological spasms often driving economic spasms and regional collapses. Concerned citizens and opinion leaders need to prepare before these eco-spasms proliferate. Far from being prepared, most […]

Toward A New Development Paradigm

For: Solutions By:  ASAP coordinating group: Robert Costanza, Jacqueline McGlade, Steve de Bonvoisin, Petra Fagerholm, Joshua Farley, Enrico Giovannini, Ida Kubiszewski, Frances Moore Lappé, Hunter Lovins, Kate Pickett, Greg Norris, Thomas Prugh, Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir, Debra Roberts, and Richard Wilkinson  “Conscious that unsustainable patterns of production and consumption can impede sustainable development, and recognizing the need […]

Sustainable Well-being

The Solutions Journal May 2013 When people think about how to move our societies towards sustainability, they usually think simply about reducing our collective environmental impact. But the related question, of how human well-being can be produced more efficiently, is often ignored. Modern economic systems are disastrously inefficient ways of producing well-being. The vast majority […]