ASAP’s mission goes far beyond its own website and reach, therefore we are proud to be closely associated with our partner organizations.

Solutions is a nonprofit print and online publication devoted to showcasing bold and innovative ideas for solving the world’s integrated ecological, social, and economic problems. Our mission is to provide a forum for developing and discussing seriously creative ideas to solve society’s most pressing problems in an integrated way.
Natural Capitalism Solutions works with Companies, Communities, and Countries to implement genuine sustainability more profitably.
club of rome
The Club of Rome was founded in 1968 as an informal association of independent leading personalities from politics, business and science, men and women who are long-term thinkers interested in contributing in a systemic interdisciplinary and holistic manner to a better world. The Club of Rome members share a common concern for the future of humanity and the planet.
capital institute
The Capital Institute is a non-partisan, transdisciplinary collaborative, officially launched in 2010. Its mission is to explore and effect economic transition to a more just, regenerative, and sustainable way of living on this earth through the transformation of finance.
balaton group logo
The Balaton Group Steering Committee represents a global network of researchers and practitioners in fields related to systems and sustainability. Officially The International Network of Resource Information Centers, the Balaton Group aims to accelerate and deepen the world’s general understanding of systems, long-term perspective and commitment to achieving positive change.
DA Logo - Green Star plus Black Name

Development Alternatives seeks to bring together traditional knowledge and modern science for sustainable development at community, national and global level. Its mission is to create sustainable livelihoods in large numbers, and envisions a world where every citizen can live a secure, healthy and fulfilling life, in harmony with nature

schumacher institute logo

The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems is an independent ‘think and do’ tank is firmly rooted in the philosophy of E.F. Schumacher (1911-1977). We believe that people matter. Our work combines four complementary arms of activity – research, projects, learning and consultancy.


Green Guru Network (GGN) is the directory of the Green Revolution. We’re dedicated to connecting customers with green products, food, and services, simplifying finding funding, connecting people with local green jobs and networking opportunities, sharing information and showcasing success. Green Guru Network is a clear, easy to use website for sharing sustainable ideas, finding useful resources and building a green community.

Gaialogo with text
Gaia Trust is a Danish-based charitable association founded in 1987 on the initiative of Ross and Hildur Jackson, with the intention of supporting the transition to a sustainable and more spiritual future society through grants and proactive initiatives.

Sustainable Hudson Valley’s mission is to speed up the shift to a low-carbon economy with high quality of life for all, by bringing people together with knowledge and each other. Climate change is the challenge of our era. Dealing with it dynamically can be the economic engine of a lifetime.

postcarboninstitute logo

Post Carbon Institute (PCI) is a think tank which provides information and analysis on emerging responses and strategies to climate change, energy scarcity, overconsumption, economics and other issues related to sustainability and long term social resilience.


Global Community Initiatives (GCI) provides resources cities, towns, and regions can use to achieve their vision for a healthy environment, a vibrant local economy, good governance and a sense of connection with their neighbors and the world. We assist communities with projects that foster democratic practices, social and economic justice, respect and care for the community of life, and environmental integrity. We work to create a context where people feel inspired to work for positive change.

great transition stories logo

Green Transition Stories is an organization and community whose intention is to be of service to a world in transition. The stories we tell shape our view of ourselves and the path we take through this time of collective awakening and global turning. We have the ability to consciously choose narratives that offer realistic beacons of hope to guide our way through the Great Transition.

ishes logo

There are many topics that national and local governments, corporations, organizations, and even we as individuals, cannot avoid any longer. For example, how can we create a truly happy society that recognizes the limits of the Earth yet does not cause social and economic instability? How can we measure true progress and happiness in society? To face these challenges head on, the Institute for Studies in Happiness, Economy, and Society will engage in activities such as research, publishing, informing public opinion, dialogue, and networking with the world.

 Democracy collaborative

The Democracy Collaborative was established in 2000 to advance a new understanding of democracy for the 21st century and to promote new strategies and innovations in community development that enhance democratic life.

GIST logo

GIST Advisory is a specialist environmental and sustainability consulting firm, based in India and the UK. Founded by the core team of Green Indian States Trust (GIST) – the research NGO that pioneered the Green Accounting for Indian States Project (GAISP) – our aim is to enable governments and corporations to discover, measure, value and manage their impacts on natural and human capital: helping optimize government policy and corporate strategy.

Global Footprint Network
Global Footprint Network, founded in 2003, is an independent think tank based in the United States, Belgium and Switzerland. It provides tools and programs that can help countries thrive in a resource-constrained world. More than ever, decision-makers are employing Ecological Footprint accounting to manage their ecological capital, both now and for the future.
The Veblen Institute for Economic Reforms is a not-for-profit think tank supported by the Charles-Léopold Mayer Foundation. Its mission is to promote a sustainable mode of development and a socially just economy. The Institute develops and promotes proposals for reform in the economic realm. It functions both as a space where proposals are developed and as a network bringing together actors who can introduce these ideas into the public sphere and to political leaders. It strives to strengthen networks in which these abilities can be found, and brings together experts, NGO officials, practitioners, and political leaders.